Nurturing and Co-creating Depth through our work is our aspiration.

We endeavor

  • To accomplish depth in every aspect of our work.
  • To provide a substantial value for the client’s collaboration with us.

We offer

  • Niche recruitment and value added services for mid and senior level positions for client organisations with quality, in-depth work and impeccable ethics.
  • Development initiatives through diagnostic tools, experiential labs, workshops, coaching and long-term individual and organisational interventions on Leadership Development, Integral Change and Integral Education

People First Consultants provides solutions to attract, retain, develop and inspire your prime capital - people, through the following services:


Executive Search and Recruitment

The key expertise we have built since 1995 is hiring talent for client organisations with high quality and ethics. Through creative sourcing and expert assessment we ensure cultural, competency and attitudinal fitment.
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Learning & Development Solutions

Leadership Development

In managing and navigating in today’s rapid, dynamic, ambiguous and transforming environmental context, often it’s not the ‘doing’ of the leader but also the quality of ‘being’ which shapes the quality of the leader’s response to the ever-changing
business context.
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